S V Rathna Kumar

Dr M Antony Issac

Cricket Exposure Tournaments at Chennai

Under 15 Years Team and Under 20 Yrs Team
The YMCA Cricket Academy boys under 15 yrs and under 20 yrs 2 teams consisting of 30 boys participated in the YMCA cricket exposure tournament at Chennai YMCA College of Physical Education from 15th to 17th Nov 2013. They played four 20/20 matches against different school boys from Chennai. This tournament was organized by YMCA College of Physical Education. Due to rain they could not play many matches. In the 4 matches which they played, they won 3 matches and Master. Prithivi won the award for Best Batsman, Master. Nitish for Best Bowler.

Under 17 Yearrs Team
The Cricket Academy boys consisting of 23 boys in the category of under 17 yrs participated in the exposure tournaments at YMCA College of Physical education, Chennai on 24th and 25th January 2014. They played 5 matches of 20/20 and won 3 matches. Master. Darshan won the award for Best Batsman and Master. Sreedhar for Best Bowler.