Mission Statement


YMCA Bangalore

YMCAs embrace people of all ages, incomes, abilities, religions and ethnic backgrounds; they're for everyone. We work to break barriers of isolation and to create the connections between people that add meaning to life. The poor, underprivileged and sick deserve the experiences the YMCA offers as much as those who can. Your support, which goes beyond membership fees, helps YMCAs provide programs to those poor and the marginalized.

The YMCA Bangalore seeks to unite people to build a just and equitable society, where the individual freedom will be enhanced to develop a human community from all faiths under the parenthood of God. The YMCA will celebrate, preserve, enhance and sustain creation in which people will be inspired to grow and work towards the reign of God. The YMCA will continue its struggle against oppression, marginalisation, poverty, violence and empower men, women and children in crisis so that the homes will become the witnesses of the Creator God".