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India’s illiterate population largest in the world says the UNESCO report. The latest Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) released worldwide by the UNESCO during this year acknowledges the headway made by India in improving access to education but the country’s population of illiterate adults has been identified as the drag factor.

Literacy Rate in India

India currently has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million and this is 37% of the global in total. Although India’s literacy rate rose from 48 percent in 1991 and 63 percent in 2006, we have many more miles to go to achieve the mark of 100 % literacy and it’s a challenge for the government and Non-governmental agencies in India.

Primary Education

Primary education is the key for achieving the total literacy goal in our country. The YMCA Centre for Education and skill Development would make all efforts in reducing the illiterate population in its focus area through its education, literacy and skill development programmes.