Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its users and tends to protect it by any available means and tools. This Privacy Policy document is designed to provide you with information about how we process the personal data of our users who visit the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). You will also learn more about your privacy rights and how the law protects them.

All personal information that is collected during your visit to the Website is referred to as “Personal Information”.

Controller controls the operation of the website and is responsible for the Personal Information that is provided by the user to the website.

In case of any questions related to how we protect Personal Information during your stay on our website and after you leave it, you can ask them via email.

Types of User Information that We Collect

All types of information that is collected by us depend on your way to interact with We can collect and process information and data as follows:

Personal Data

·         Information that identifies your personality or any personal data that you can voluntarily submit to us using the Website or email address that you provide to the Website. Take note that we do not request any personal or any sensitive data to use

Non-personal data:

1.       Any type of information about your visit to the website, including but not limited to the data related to traffic, location, IP address of the visitor, type and version of your browser, language, time zone, platform, type of hardware that you use.

2.       Any type of information related to your demographic details including age, country and gender.

3.       Any type of information submitted by the visitors that arise from various surveys. This information may be collected on a voluntary basis only. The information may include your preferences, various events and experiences, how we can improve your Website and others.

4.       Any type of information that we collect via various forms, including your feedback about the Website (if we place such a form on the Website).

5.       Any type of information that was submitted by you, including posts, articles, comments or reviews. Please, be aware that we cannot guarantee the integrity and safety of the information that you post as an article, comment or review and which, in turn, includes your personal information or sensitive data.

6.       Any type of information related to the user’s preferences like games, pages, etc.

The User Information is only collected if the User has consented to such data collection pursuant to Chapter 2 para. 71 subsection 2 lit. b of Data Protection Act 2018.

This document describes only those cases when you visit the Website and does not apply to the situations when the information was collected by online through public sources or other tools or any third party, including any applications or content that may link to or be accessible from our Website.

We automatically collect any information about your interaction with the website and your navigation through This information includes the hardware and software that you use to interact with

1.       The use of, including but not limited to clicks, timestamps, scrolling, browsing data, referral/exit pages, cookies, chat logs, etc.

2.       Hardware information such as IP address, mobile network information, device ID, processing capabilities, hardware manufacturer and model, and other related information.

3.       All the details about your connection to the Website including the network and software you are using to visit the Website, platform, operating system, browser window, Javascript activation, preference settings, etc.

4.       The performance of your hardware and software when you visit the Website, including all issues that your hardware or software may encounter when you visit the Website.

The Website may use technologies like cookies, scripts and other software that is designed to help us collect and store this information, including in log files.

Purpose of Data Processing

The Website processes any of your personal information for the following purposes:

1.       To be able to give you a response to any of your queries or requests.

2.       To make any amendments to the content of the Website to improve the content.

3.       To keep inner records of  personal data.

4.       To conduct Users’ research and analysis.

5.       To provide you with all the information that you might be interested in.

6.       To work in compliance with any regulatory obligations if applied.

7.       To inform you about our special promotions, offers and other services as well as to provide you with any other additional information that you may be interested in.

8.       For any other reason unless this sort of data collection is permitted by the law.

Change of Purpose

The information provided by the Users shall be used for those purposes for which it was collected unless the administration of the Website considers that We need to use this information for other purposes and reasons that are compatible with our initial purposes.

We also may process your information without any additional permission from your side or in any limited situations where it is required or permitted by law.

Retention of User Information

We delete the User information in the following cases:

1.       Once the information that we collect no longer fulfills the purposes for which it was collected.

2.       Once the User requests his information to be deleted if the Website has no legal obligations to keep such information about the User.

Information Disclosure

The Website may share your information with third parties located in India if:

1.       The Website is obliged to share it by law.

2.       This information is necessary to allow proper operation of

3.       In case of any other legitimate interest.

In certain situations, we are obliged to provide User information and data to third parties in response to a court order or in case of a government investigation. User information may be disclosed in case we assume that this may protect the interests of We also may disclose User’s information in case of reorganization or other processes of this kind.

The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, namely the protection and assertion of our legal rights and proper protection of our business against risks.

If shares User’s information with third parties, they are obliged to use it only for purposes for which the information was disclosed. This personal information will be disclosed on a need-to-know basis and is subject to further non-disclosure.

By accepting these Privacy Policy provisions, you authorize us to provide your personal information in the above-mentioned cases.

We testify that we will not share your contact information such as phone number or email address with independent third parties without notifying you or if we are obliged to provide your contact information by law.

The User has the right to:

1.       Access to any copies of User Information that is collected by the Website during your interaction with Users requesting such information may be charged a small fee for this service.

2.       Request rectification of any information that you believe is incorrect. You have also the right to request to complete any information that you have provided previously.

3.       Erase your personal information. You have the right to request that delete any piece of your personal information under certain conditions.

4.       Restrict the processing of your personal information. You have the right to prevent from processing your User Information under certain conditions.

5.       Object to processing. Following the previous provision of this document, you have the right to object to our Website processing of any piece of your personal information.

Any request will be processed by Us throughout the month from the moment you have sent it to us. In case you want one of those rights to be exercised, you can contact our support service via …….

Cookie Policy website uses cookies to analyze our users’ activities on the Website. Those web analytics tools use cookies, which represent files that are stored on the hard drive of the PC or any other device. Those files track the way you use the Website.

By using cookies, we collect information about your language preferences and login information. The information from web analytics is used for marketing purposes.

Cookies collect certain information about the hardware and software that you use. In particular, they provide us with information about the browser type you use, operating system, location, IP address, as well as the pages you have visited prior to and after visiting our Website. uses all these pieces of data in order to analyze and improve the user interface and the content of any type that is posted on the Website. has the right to use any technologies that help the Website to improve the effectiveness of the usage of the website and communication between us and our users.

The Website allows our Users to allow/disallow the usage of cookies. However, you will not be able to use any interactive features of shall the cookies be disabled.

Privacy Policy Amendments

This document may be amended by Us anytime. If the document is amended, you will see the date of the last modification.

Regardless of any amendments to this document, we are going to treat your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy that was relevant at the moment you read it.

You should regularly read this Privacy Policy document to make sure you are aware of all changes and amendments that were made by Us.

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy document, you shall leave the Website.

Responsible Gambling

Below you can find a small guide on how to gamble responsibly:

1.       Gambling is a source of entertainment and of income. You should understand it properly.

2.       Always stick to the budget that you allocate for gambling.

3.       Limit your daily/weekly/monthly gambling activities.

4.       Never try to chase your losses.

5.       Limit your budget per game in advance.

6.       Don’t gamble without breaks. Do pauses between your gambling sessions.

7.       Avoid gambling after or during drinking alcohol.

8.       Don’t play casino games if you are in depression or any other similar state of mind.

9.       Never gamble randomly.

10.   Do not miss your family or daily responsibilities when gambling.

11.   Make sure that gambling is not your hobby.

12.   Track all money you lose when gambling.

13.   If you feel that you become addicted to gambling, self-exclude.

14.   Try to set an alarm when you start gambling and use it to stop playing games.

15.   Don’t try to use gambling as a source of income.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Below you can find some common symptoms of gambling addiction:

1.       You skip work or college to gamble.

2.       You try to escape problems and start gambling.

3.       When you run out of money on gambling, you try to find more money to return to the game.

4.       You feel like you must chase your losses.

5.       You lied to your relatives or tried to steal money to gamble again.

6.       You lie about the amount of money you have lost in gambling.

7.       You gamble until your last Rupee is gone.

8.       You have debts due to gambling.

9.       You have lost interest in your family and relatives because of gambling.

10.   You put gambling before your relatives and friends.

11.   You feel depressed because of gambling or your gambling results.

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