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Everything you need to know about online casino bonuses

Everything you need to know about online casino bonuses

The word bonus is something that sounds good to most ears, but in the online casino world, some casino bonuses are better than others. Most online casinos in India only allow one casino bonus per player, but there are still things that are good to know before you decide to play with a casino bonus that looks good at first glance.

Casino bonuses are something that online casino gaming companies have long used to attract new Indian players and entertain existing players—all to be a little more attractive than the competition. Previously, there have therefore been offers with casino bonuses in India that have been significantly larger and more generous. 

Bonus up to:
₹ 25,000
Welcome bonus
Up to ₹ 25,000
Bonus up to:
₹ 22,000
Welcome bonus
Up to ₹ 22,000
Bonus up to:
₹ 15,000
Welcome bonus
150% up to ₹ 15,000

Nowadays, it is a way for an online casino to welcome new Indian players a little extra warmly, and as a newcomer, you get a little more on your online gaming account to test the range of games with, in addition to your initial deposit. However, not all online casino bonuses are beneficial to you as a player in the long term. If you have not played with a casino bonus before, we recommend that you continue reading about things you should consider a little further down this page.

An online casino that offers a casino bonus always has associated rules and conditions. 

How we review the best casino bonuses

At Indiancasinoss, we consider the following factors for casino bonuses.

  • Maximum bonus amount.
  • Minimum deposit required to get the bonus
  • Wagering requirements for the bonus
  • Which games in the offer contribute to the wagering requirement.

We also make sure that the casinos with bonuses we recommend have a casino license so that reputable casino authorities regulate them and monitor their doings. Thus, the casino can offer all the security functions that must be available in modern online casinos for Indian players.

Sifting out the best casino bonus is a process that does not necessarily look the same for every player, and it all depends on what you think is a good casino bonus. Our list of bonus casinos is a good tool for looking for new casino bonuses at online casinos in India you have not played at before. You can then sort out which casino bonus is best according to your taste and liking. Casino bonuses in most Indian casinos are all limited to only one bonus offer at a time per registered player. However, since a bonus can be credited in different ways and have different conditions, it still matters a lot when it comes to choosing a casino bonus.

How do casino bonuses and bonus money work?

A bonus casino is an online casino with bonuses for newly registered Indian players. At Indian casinos, this means that as a newcomer to the online gaming site, you are entitled to a casino bonus in connection with your first deposit. The standard template for casino bonuses in India is that the casino doubles your first deposit up to a certain maximum amount. This means that you can, for example, get up to 75,000 INR to play with when you make your first deposit.

The whole thing is a straightforward process. Anyone over the age of 18 can pretty quickly get a casino bonus to play with on any online gaming site, even at new casinos. But NOTE: Sometimes, it is easy to miss the rules and conditions that apply to all online casinos. You only get the best casino bonus by keeping track of the bonus rules. We will go through this in more detail shortly.

Benefits of casino bonuses:

  • More money to play for: Free spin bonuses also have a cash value.
  • More playing time: An online casino bonus always means that you can play a little longer than if you only play for your own money.
  • You save money: When you play with a casino bonus, any losses are deducted from the bonus balance before eating up your own money.
  • Better chances of winning: Whether free spins or bonus cash, casino bonuses always give more chances of winning. You get a better chance of triggering a big win.
  • Opportunity to try new games: Free spins bonuses on specific slot machines are often issued in connection with new exciting game releases.
  • Reduced risk – You do not have to risk your own money until you have played for your bonus money.
  • Reduce losses: The casino bonus can act as a shock absorber and protect you from significant losses.
  • You get to learn new games: It gives more excitement to try new games with bonus money than to play with play money in demo versions.
  • Always read the bonus terms and conditions.

Bonus terms and conditions

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground for every casino bonus. Rules and conditions are often a long, drawn-out, and traditionally written text that feels too long for many to read through. But for every bonus offer at an Indian online casino, you will always find relevant information on the actual offer of a casino bonus. And there are important points to look out for:

  • Minimum deposit – at most online casinos, you can make an initial deposit of as little as INR 1000 and get a matched deposit bonus. Please note that many casinos accept deposits of INR 100 but that the welcome bonus is only activated with a deposit of INR 1000. This is a matter of preference, but it should still not be missed if you make a deposit that is smaller than required, as the bonus will not be activated.
  • Maximum bet – A common bonus condition is that you can only bet a certain amount of money with the bonus. Free spins also usually have a maximum bet, for example, INR 100 per spin. If you exceed the maximum allowable bet, the bonus will be forfeited. Some bonuses also come with specific wagering requirements. Examples are free games on sports sites where the entire amount of money must be bet on a game round.
  • Wagering Requirements – Make sure that the casino bonus you choose has a reasonable wagering requirement. Sometimes online casinos include both deposit + bonus in their wagering requirement; other times, it can be a high wagering requirement that feels more difficult to meet. A reasonable wagering requirement is between 30-40x the bonus amount, and it is even better when you find an Indian casino bonus without a wagering requirement.
  • Validity period – All casino bonuses have a deadline, and this means that you must play for and wager the bonus money before the end date in order to keep your winnings. Good casino bonuses have a validity period between 30 and 60+ days.
  • Which games contribute to the wagering requirement – Most often, you see that video slots and slot machines are the games that pay best when it comes to turning over a casino bonus. At the same time, live casino games contribute very little, if at all. Look at the excluded games listed at your online casino so you do not spin in a slot machine that does not turn over your bonus money and notice it a little too late.
  • Excluded games – Some bonuses have guidelines for which games you can use the bonus money on. It is common for free spins to be given only on a specific slot machine to promote the game. Sometimes, it is not allowed to wager the bonus on certain game titles or modes.
  • Profit limit – It is quite unusual for a casino bonus in India to have a bonus profit limit, but it does occur. The profit ceiling simply means that you can only win up to a certain amount of money, such as INR 100,000. If you win an amount of money above the winning limit, you may, in this case, keep INR 100,000, but the rest of your winnings will return to the online casino.

What are wagering requirements?

A wagering requirement is a requirement that most online casinos in India still use, even though it is something that has disappeared from many Indian online casinos. In short, it is an amount of cumulative bets you have to reach by staking the bonus money multiple times; otherwise, it would be free for Indian players to just withdraw their welcome bonus without playing at all.

A reasonable wagering requirement applies only to the bonus money and is between 20-40 times. Alternatively, it is divided into both the deposit and the bonus amount depending on which games contribute to meeting the wagering requirement; it is quite simple; slot machines of various kinds usually contribute fully, while games in live casinos rarely turn over bonus money at all. You should always remember that only after you have met your wagering requirement can you make a withdrawal of profits.

Different types of casino bonuses

It may seem that Indian casinos have poor bonus offerings, but casino bonuses are still attractive, even though they are kept within the limits of what is allowed. Since the restrictions after the corona pandemic were lifted, one can expect a little more generous and varied welcome offers.

This section goes through the most common variants of casino bonuses in India. If you are looking for the best casino bonus for your own gaming and entertainment purpose, the summaries of the various bonuses can point you in the right direction. Please note that all casino bonuses listed only apply to new Indian players who have not previously played with a casino bonus.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Today’s most popular type of casino bonus seen in Indian casinos is a welcome bonus. It is a bonus that existing Indian players at a casino cannot take advantage of; only new Indian players who make their first deposit are eligible for the welcome bonus.

A welcome bonus can look different, but the most common is a casino welcome bonus that is credited on your first or initial deposit. It usually doubles the deposit amount and gives the player to play with when you have deposited at least the minimum amount of money to be eligible for the bonus offer.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is synonymous with a casino welcome bonus. When it was previously allowed with repetitive bonus offers at casinos, a deposit bonus could differ from, for example, a loyalty bonus that was often credited via so-called VIP programs where high rollers could be rewarded with bonuses depending on how much they wagered and deposited amount. A loyalty bonus thus did not require a specific deposit. Still, it could be added to online gaming accounts if, for example, you have been a player with the company for a more extended period of time or play for more significant amounts than the average players.

Casino bonus with no wagering requirements

Perhaps the most popular type of casino bonus is a casino bonus with no wagering requirements. These have become increasingly common since bonuses at most online casinos were limited to only one bonus offer per player. These often look like a regular welcome bonus of 100% up to INR 10000.

A casino bonus without wagering requirements means that you as a player can make withdrawals on any winnings immediately and thus avoid meeting any requirements set by the casino. Both deposit and the welcome bonus you receive are free from wagering requirements. In other cases where a wagering requirement is added, it is required that you continue to play the right casino game until you have met the wagering requirement.

A casino bonus without wagering requirements is often seen as a more attractive alternative among casino bonuses.

Choose the right casino bonus for you

Before you take a casino bonus, it may be worth taking a few minutes to think about what is important to you. Do you like the idea of ​​free spins on popular slot machines? Or do you prefer to decide for yourself how you want to use your casino bonus? Here are some tips to help you choose the right casino bonus:

  • Check the bonus value – Although it may sound good with a 100% bonus, the value also depends on the maximum deposit allowed. A bonus of 50% up to INR 10,000 is, for example, worth more than a 100% bonus up to INR 1000. The first gives you INR 5000 and the second gives you INR 1000.
  • Choose a low wagering requirement  – With a low wagering requirement, you run a lower risk of losing your winnings before you can make a withdrawal. Casino bonuses with no wagering requirements almost always pay off.
  • Choose games with 96% RTP and above  – Anything over 96% offers good chances of winning, so do not stare blindly at the RTP ratio. Choose a game/theme you love and something you will have fun with!
  • Choose low deposit requirements bonus offers – If you want to save time, you can simply choose a bonus with a low deposit requirement. Remember that you can always take more than one bonus at a time as long as they are from different online casinos.
  • Examine the online casino – Sometimes, it is easier to choose a bonus according to the online casino’s theme/appearance rather than the bonus offer itself. In the end, it will be more fun to play for your bonus if you play at a casino you enjoy. 

How to find new casino bonuses 

With so many bonus offers in the online casino market, it is not very difficult to find a casino bonus. Unfortunately, not all offers are equally hot, and the difficulty lies in finding the bonuses that are most worth your time. Here at IndianCasinoss, you can stay updated when new casinos with profitable casino bonuses come out. 

Our experts compare different casino promotions and things like wagering requirements and bonus rules to find the best casino bonuses. And that’s exactly what our site is for, to do the hard work for you so you can focus on the fun instead! In addition to seeing the offer itself, you can also look at our reviews and see which bonus rules and conditions apply to each promotion.

Why you may not receive a welcome bonus:

Unfortunately, sometimes you do not get your welcome bonus in your casino account. In most Indian online casinos, most casino companies may only give one bonus per player. If you have already played at several casinos from the same online gaming company, you do not qualify for the bonus. Do not hesitate to contact customer service at the online casino if you think there has been a technical error. Here are some possible reasons why you did not receive your bonus:

  • You have already received a bonus at another online casino from the same online gaming company.
  • You made your first deposit using an unsupported deposit method.
  • You need to activate your bonus (for example, use a bonus code).
  • It has become a technical error (customer service can usually help).
  • You have not checked in the bonus offer in connection with the registration.
  • You have not deposited enough money to activate the bonus.
  • The offer may have expired after you made your first deposit.
  • Some bonuses require a bet before the bonus is activated (usually for free bets).
  • You have played at the wrong odds with a casino welcome bonus.
  • You may have bet more or less than allowed.
  • Some casino bonuses are split over several days and may therefore be delayed.

Casino bonuses in India are something that is limited to some extent. Regardless of size and amount, we can still say that an Indian casino bonus is preferable, with all the security features and benefits that come with it. And if you have come as far, you should have a pretty good idea of ​​what types of casino bonuses are available to play at today’s Indian casinos and how they differ, and what is good to keep in mind when choosing a casino bonus.

Bonus up to:
₹ 10,000
Welcome bonus
₹ 10,000 + 22bet Points 100% bonus
Bonus up to:
₹ 4,000
Welcome bonus
Promo code DHANA Up to ₹ 4,000
Bonus up to:
₹ 8,000
Welcome bonus
100% bonus up to ₹ 8,000 for first deposit
Bonus up to:
₹ 110,000
Welcome bonus
₹ 110,000 and 300 free spins
Bonus up to:
₹ 10,000
Welcome Bonus
100% up to ₹ 10,000
Bonus up to:
₹ 2,000
Welcome Bonus
100% up to ₹ 2,000
Bonus up to:
₹ 110,000
Welcome bonus
Up to ₹ 110,000 first week bonus
Bonus up to:
₹ 2,500
Welcome Bonus
50% free bet up to ₹ 5,000

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