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Is Gambling in Online Casinos Legal?

Is Gambling in Online Casinos Legal?

The term “casino” is well known to everyone, and even if you haven’t been in one or played any of the games,  you have a vague understanding of what a casino is all about. This is what you usually associate with a game arcade or anything similar. Due to the fact that more and more gambling is being done online, the term “online casino” has been in use for a while, before proceeding it’s imperative to know that Internet gambling was formerly prohibited in some places around the world.

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What is an online casino?

It is vital to define what an online casino is to discuss the extent to which they are legal and allowed in India. Online casinos are casinos that can only be accessed through the Internet. Through the use of a computer, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or a smart TV that is linked to the Internet, one has the option to play casino games and make bets over the Internet.

Most online casino operators are domiciled in Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, or other nations due to tax and legal advantages. In these nations, you will also be given the necessary permit or license.

How does an online casino operate?

The data of the online casino is encrypted before it is sent to the customer’s end device using encryption techniques. Additionally, to stop crimes like fraud and money laundering, online casino operators are required to confirm each player’s identification. Using a random number generator.

The odds of winning and payout percentages are comparable across legal and regulated online and traditional casinos. To draw in more consumers, internet casinos occasionally offer even better odds. On the websites of the individual suppliers, you can find the matching odds. Finally, a random number generator decides whether you win or lose. The rules for the table games are predetermined, programmed, and set up.

There are various methods for accessing an online casino. Make sure you have a strong internet connection before anything else. Some can be accessed immediately through a browser because they are web-based. Regular updates should be made to the browser. Additional software like Flash or Java is needed for some games, and you may download a similar app for many casinos.

Live Game Dealer

Additionally, there are casinos with “live dealers.” These make up a portion of the internet casino. You can converse with the human dealer who serves as the croupier or dealer in this instance. You can place your bets and watch the relevant game (such as blackjack, roulette, etc.) online.

Real-money gambling

Only if you have already placed a deposit can you place real money wagers. The deposit is typically done via a credit card, Paysafecard, direct debit, bank transfer, cryptocurrency etc. The appropriate customer account is credited as soon as the money has been deposited. Afterward, you can make your bets. You, therefore, gamble with real money to make real money. The balance in real money can then be applied to various games.

Differences between an online casino and a land-based one

An online casino and a traditional casino or arcade differ in so many ways.

  • In comparison to arcades and casinos, internet casinos typically have better win and payout percentages.
  • A 24/7 online casino is accessible. In addition, no one is turned away from the door. There isn’t a dress code either. Of course, to register, you must prove your identity and be at least 18 years old.
  • Online gaming is much more prevalent than at arcades and casinos.
  • With welcome bonuses and other benefits, online casinos entice players. The lure offers, however, are intended to bind clients over the long term with significant losses. Thus this should be handled with prudence.

The New State Treaty on Gambling has significantly altered the legal landscape for internet casinos. India has now permitted online gambling. Since then, the federal states have been able to make accommodations for the operation of both online poker and casino games.

Which games and internet casinos are authorized in India?

Players that prioritize security and seriousness might research more online to exit the legal grey area. Some websites offer details on the newest legal online casinos in India, such as Royal Panda, and advice on how to play there responsibly. It’s okay to play at the following online casinos and casinos:


One of the most played games is poker. Both in the virtual world and in real life with actual maps and friends, this game is growing in popularity every year. While skill and tact are important, you also need a little luck. You can play online both against the bank and other players that are located all throughout India and the rest of the world. The so-called “Texas Hold’em” poker variation is the most popular. You can practice the strategies and fundamentals by playing free games first; then, you can play for real money.


In addition, blackjack is gaining popularity. This game may be found at almost all online casinos. This is also known as “21”. However, neither casinos nor online casinos utilize these two terms. Up to 7 players compete against the bank in this game at a semicircular table while each player plays independently and sets his own wager. There is also a live dealer or croupier version of this game available. Blackjack is typically only given in its real money iteration; no free versions are typically available.

In order to beat the dealer with two or more cards, you must reach as close to 21 as you can. You cannot, however, be older than 21. Regardless matter whether the bank “busts” or not, if the limit is surpassed, the stake is forfeited.


Any casino, including internet casinos, will have roulette. This game is one of the most played casino games, both online and offline. This game is also available to play online, either entirely virtually or in a live dealer version. Here, you can wager on outcomes that are decided by the random movement of a ball in a cauldron, such as numbers, colors, or other alternatives. To win, you must predict the number or color the ball will land on. There are three types of roulette: traditional, European, and American. There are currently additional variations, like multi-wheel roulette, micro roulette, and card roulette (a mixture of roulette and poker).

Slot Machines 

Slot machines are everywhere at online casinos (slot games). The offer is significantly higher than that of an arcade, let alone a real casino. There are additional opportunities to win besides the typical ones, such as the occasional jackpot. The payout percentages at online casinos are typically higher than those at land-based casinos and arcades.

The most popular slot games are:

  • Sizzling Hot
  • Book of Ra
  • Fruit Slider
  • The Torrerom
  • Eye of Horus
  • Lord of the Ocean
  • Hocus Pocus Deluxe
  • Mystic Dragon

What is prohibited, and what are the penalties?

Unfortunately, there are also numerous dubious providers of online casino games and services who do not even have a license. These providers regularly scam their customers, i.e., the players. The most common types of scams are:

  • Blocked payout; usually, you lose anyway. However, should there be a win that you want to pay out, it becomes so difficult that you do not get the win or only under very difficult and lengthy conditions.
  • Unfair games; the specified or presented rules of the game are not observed to the detriment of the customer. Thus, the possibility of winning is made more difficult or impossible.
  • Misleading and false advertising; many online casinos advertise with certain promotions and conditions. However, these are not adhered to.

Risk of gambling addiction

Since online casinos have been permitted in India, the number of casino operators is constantly increasing. You can hardly save yourself from offers and advertising. Gambling is easier than ever; you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Many experts and researchers, therefore, fear a significant increase in the risk of addiction. You see the new situation and the many new opportunities and increased incentives.

Admittedly, the new State Treaty on Gambling proponents has pointed out that legalization is accompanied by measures to protect players and prevent addiction. However, these measures are far from being sustainable and sufficient to seriously counteract the addiction. Sports betting and online casino ads are everywhere. Celebrities, especially former athletes, are often accepted and paid as “influencers.” This aggressive marketing, primarily by prominent footballers, made gambling more socially acceptable and glorified. Although active footballers and other officials are not allowed to advertise,

Although politicians know gambling poses an enormous risk, it has now been legalized. The reason is the income, which is very generous. Gambling has long since become a billion-dollar game, where the state and the federal states make a lot of money. The state collected around 5.5 billion dollars in taxes and duties in 2019 from permitted gambling alone. For comparison: The taxes for alcohol in 2019 were just under 3.1 billion dollars. 

In India, around 500,000 people are considered involved and interested in gambling, although it should be borne in mind that the number is likely to be higher. The consequences of gambling are massive; Isolation, the end of relationships, job loss, overindebtedness, and very often slipping into drug-related crime often occur. There are virtually no limits to the loss. You lose complete control of yourself and your life. Many of those affected describe that it started out harmless (e.g., bet $10) and has steadily worsened, e.g., that some people have “gambled away” several thousand dollars in one day. There are those affected who admit to having lost more than a million dollars.

State Gambling Licenses

The main feature of a legal online casino is a license from a state regulator. They issue individual permits and ensure compliance with the necessary requirements. The list of revoked licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) shows they can also take tough action. The Maltese authority awards a large part of the online casinos active in mainland Europe. The Gibraltar Gambling Commission also issues the coveted licenses that make it possible to play slot machines in casinos without a break.

Terms and Conditions – the small prints are important.

Admittedly, the terms and conditions are not always easy to read, and there are some pitfalls, especially with dubious casino providers. Unfortunately, not all online casinos make the effort to translate the general terms and conditions into Hindi. It is important that Indian players are not excluded. If you find such a passage, quickly look for another online game library. Normally it should be over when you register at the latest, but some dodgy providers only complain when the casino pays out. Then you have real problems getting your money back. Therefore, looking at the terms and conditions is worth its weight in gold.

Legal casinos – protection against money laundering is guaranteed.

Money laundering is closely related to taxes. Shady players and characters like to use gambling to launder their illegal money. We also have this fact to thank for the fact that players have to deal with verification and that there are various deposit and withdrawal limits. Account verification is therefore useful, and to keep players’ funds safe; online casinos are also required to keep customer funds in a different account. Nevertheless, there are also providers with whom you do not have to register separately and who are still serious.

From time to time, you will see a license from the island state of Curaçao. The proximity to the Netherlands brings with it a similar case law. You can see the British Gambling Commission logo on many websites. While the authority has no legal significance for Indian players, it is a good security feature as strict rules apply there. Coincidentally, the casino providers with a European license are casinos with a high betting limit and sometimes without a betting limit. This means you can bet as much as you want per spin.

Is gambling legal in other countries?

Below is an overview of various countries on the subject of online casinos:


Online casinos have been allowed here since July 1st, 2019, and require a license. This also applies to foreign providers.


In Austria, it is very strict with the subject of gambling and, consequently, also with the subject of online casinos. There is a so-called gambling monopoly here. The only license is for “Casinos Austria,” which operates the “win2day” platform. All other providers and operators are, therefore, not allowed to offer online gambling. Nevertheless, there are many providers in Austria – some of them dubious and dubious – who offer online gambling without a license. For these operators, Austrian gambling law does not conform to European law and allegedly violates the freedom to provide services. So they may very well offer online gambling.

Holland / Netherlands

Online casinos are also generally prohibited in Holland. There is also a state gambling monopoly here called Holland Casinos, which operates 14 casinos and online casinos. Nevertheless, there are also some operators in Holland who offer online casinos without permission.

Belgium and Luxembourg

Online gambling is allowed in Belgium and Luxembourg, but only under very strict conditions. Basically, there is a state gambling monopoly. Only those who already operate a real casino in Belgium may operate online casinos.


In France, there are basically 3 types of online gambling that are allowed, namely sports betting, horse betting, and poker. The so-called online casinos are forbidden.


Online gambling was first regulated in America in 1961, initially only allowing sports betting and expressly banning other forms of online gambling. Online gambling is now left to the individual states, which can decide for themselves whether to allow or prohibit it. However, very few states allow online gambling.


Online casinos are illegal in Australia. Nevertheless, players are allowed to take advantage of the offers without making themselves liable for prosecution.

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